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Two of these gated buckles are correct and one is wrong, do you know which one is wrong?

These devices are often misused and as a result don't function as intended. The gated buckle in the centre is incorrectly installed as the webbing is going under the bar instead of dog legging around it.

Gated buckles are a pre-crash positioning device, they are designed to keep a child restraint in position and the seatbelt at the correct tension up until the point of impact. They work by converting a lap sash seatbelt into a lap only seatbelt and preventing the seatbelt from working loose.

All Australian child restraints are crash tested and will function well in an accident without a gated buckle as long as the restraint is checked regularly to ensure the seatbelt hasn't worked loose. Most people do not check their child restraints anywhere near as often as they should and a gated buckle will help to keep the seatbelt at the correct tension.

There are several different types of pre-crash positioning devices on the market and it's largely personal choice as to what you use. There are red and yellow infa secure clips, Lockies and gated buckles. My opinion is that the gated buckle is the most effective but it is also the most difficult to master.

Correct and tight is always right.

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