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🚨🚨Important Safety Notice: Buckle Recall🚨🚨

We’ve identified a safety issue with the Holmbergs buckles on some models of our child restraints which could cause them to fail. Affected buckles have the batch number of B18002, B18003, B19009 stamped on the back of them beneath the Holmbergs logo.

If you have a model with an affected buckle, please do not use this child restraint, even if your buckle appears to be secure please visit our website at to register your product. Once registered, you will receive a replacement buckle kit along with repair instructions and instructional videos on our website so you can replace it immediately. If you would prefer to have it replaced by an authorised repair centre, please call our customer care team to locate your nearest authorised agent where the replacement can be completed free of charge.

Please share this with your friends if they have an InfaSecure child restraint to help us keep children safe by quickly replacing all affected buckles.

Please visit : to register for a replacement buckle.

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