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My Story

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Hi, my name is Luke.

I have been a child restraint installer for nearly 10 years and have installed more than 25,000 child restraints.

I have decided it's about time to put my knowledge to better
use and start sharing information about all things child

A lot of people do not realise how important a correctly used

and installed child restraint really is. It can mean the world of

difference in an accident. In my time as an installer I've heard

and seen all sorts of amazing and terrible things.

Many years ago a lovely lady had a serious accident where

her car was completely written off, she had a 7 day old baby in
the car at the time and amazingly the child slept through the entire
ordeal and was completely unharmed.

Another client was shunted off a highway by a truck and ended up in bushland. Their child was also completely unharmed.

The common factor in the both of these incidents (and many more) was that the child restraints were in good condition, were correctly installed and were correctly used.

We always want what's best for our angels or monsters and child restraints are often overlooked or seen as daunting.

Well it doesn't have to be and I am here to help.


Give me a call now on 0422 475 413.        


Remember :  Correct and tight is always right.

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